How Much is Too Much Crafting?

Tree Stocking Holder

Guys, I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew in the DIY department. I decided to make all of my Christmas gifts this year. In addition to that horrible mistake, I’m also trying to come up with awesome crafts for my work blog. I made the mistake of not hiring any new bloggers and just deciding to create more of my own posts. Now, in the middle of the holiday craft rush, I’m trying to create these amazing holiday crafts for an email and just the blog in general, and I’m trying to create stuff that is gift worthy.

As a result, my house has been taken over by crafts and Christmas. Seriously, who already has stockings hanging? Me, because I had to make stockings for work, and even made stocking holders. And to get the pictures looking good, I had to decorate my mantel. I have a winter wonderland mantel right now, and it’s not even officially winter.


I think the bane of my existence, though has to be these stupid ornaments I’m working on for my (hopefully) last holiday project this month. Do you see that disaster on my kitchen table right now? Those suckers have been drying for 2 days now, and I tried to get everything done yesterday, but they still weren’t dry when I was working with them. I’ve ruined 2 pairs of pants, a sweatshirt, and have paint in my hair from these guys. I also dropped an ornament on the floor, and the inside wasn’t dry so in addition to the glass all over my floor, there was also wet paint. It was a fun night.

DIY Marbled Ornaments

I think the majority of the torture is over now. Alyssa’s gift is done (I started it in August, so you’d better like it) I’m working on Mom’s gift now, and I would like to thank you, Lacey, for giving me an extra month to work on yours. I’m actually having some fun with the gift making, but I feel super weird about already having Christmas stuff up. There’s no point in taking it down, though, and I happen to love Christmas decorations. I’m hoping since I’m getting all of this horrible crafting stuff over with before it’s even officially Christmas, maybe I’ll be chock full of the Christmas Spirit by the time it’s actually okay to celebrate.

So, that’s what’s up with the late posts and why I might possibly be a Grinch come December. I hope you guys like your gifts, probably not as cool as something I could buy, but you’ll all know that blood, sweat, tears, and Kirby fur went into them. All in the name of love.


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