It’s Beginning to Look Like Holiday Spirit

DSC_0201Ah man, look at me being terrible at posting on time again. Well, better late than never?

Anywhos, it’s the last week of classes here and I’m dealing with packing and trying to complete some essays before I leave for my month long, graceful, tumble around Europe. At this moment I’m a bit sick, which is a little terrifying, but I’m keeping my head up that I’ll be mostly better by this weekend. This upcoming Monday will be my first day in Barcelona so I don’t know how well posting on this blog will go, but I’ll do my best.


The pictures you’re seeing are from the city center of Nottingham where they have a Christmas market set up. Apparently they have Christmas markets all over Europe. The best ones are in Germany and Austria, but I’ll just have to settle for the few we stumble upon while traveling and this one, about twenty minutes away from me. The holidays are making me both really sad and happy. Sad because I will not be with family this year, but happy because I’ll be in Amsterdam instead. Not to mention Christmas in general makes me happy (it helps you guys sent me presents to open on actual Christmas day).


The holiday season also gave the hall an excuse to have our Christmas formal, which is why we all look so dapper in these photos. I’m really going to miss all of these kids while I travel. I’m really glad I come back for two weeks to take finals because it would have been a rough couple of days if I had to say a permanent goodbye.


There are a lot of opportunities to get into the holiday spirit. A bunch of girls from Linfield all volunteered with helping to make holiday decorations for a party and spending the afternoon drinking Starbucks Christmas drinks while cutting out paper snowflakes and not so carefully applying glitter to everything was the perfect way to bring myself some holiday cheer.

Okay, now I should really stop avoiding other responsibilities. This Shakespeare Histories essay is not, unfortunately, going to write itself. Hopefully next will be a post from Barcelona where it will not be quite as cold.


4 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look Like Holiday Spirit

  1. I didn’t know you were planning on visiting Barcelona! That’s my turf, dude! Make sure you visit the Rambla, try chocolate con churros, visit the gothic quarter (that’s where my hostel was), and go to the beach! They have bikes you can rent and use to see the city as well, which I HIGHLY recommend. There’s a really beautiful cathedral in the gothic quarter as well, and there should be a big Christmas market in the square. Or something. And maybe you’ll catch the same parade I did! How exciting. 🙂 Most of those things are very inexpensive, but if you’re okay spending a little money, take the tram to either La Sagrada Familia (duh), or Park Guell.

    It will be cold.


      • It’s a bit of a struggle through the narrow streets of the gothic quarter, but if you bike down to the beach and the park it’s so worth it. I’ll try to give you the address of the park we went to. It has a beautiful huge fountain and archway exit.


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