About Us


We’ve been through a lot as sisters, so it’s really important to stay in touch long after we’ve left the home we grew up in, on Stonecreek Drive (obviously). We’re all kind of separating this year. I’ve been out of the house for about 6 years, but living close by. Alyssa and Lacey lived together last year in college. We’re all kind of going our separate ways, stepping into the real world. Alyssa graduated this year and Lacey is spending a semester in England come fall. Our futures and the time we will spend together is a little up in the air. So, how do you stay in touch when we’re apart? There are conventional methods, but we’re not conventional. And maybe other people will want to see what we share. This is a place we can go to share more than just what we did for the day. We all have these interests that we like to teach and show each other that goes so much farther than emailing or phone calls. I don’t know if anyone else will want to step into our lives, see what we’re up to, but I think some of the stuff we do is pretty cool. Maybe you will too. I don’t see this as putting ourselves out there. We’re just doing this for ourselves. Hopefully we can still learn from each other and stay in touch. No matter where life takes us.

About Joselyn


Hello all! I’m the oldest of the 3 of us and currently live in Portland, OR with my boyfriend and our furry bestie, Kirby. I’m using this blog as a way to force myself to try new things and really pursue my passions. I work in marketing for an online craft supply company, and have really grown to love blogging from working on the blog there. I’ll be sharing my recipe experiments, DIYs, floral arrangements, and decor inspiration.

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About Alyssa


Hello, everyone! I’m Alyssa, the middle child, art major, punk-rock show-goer who is the least accident-prone of the three of us (which isn’t saying much, doesn’t take a lot). I’m currently living Renton, WA, about twenty minutes South of Seattle. I work at the headquarters of a crazy company called Rudy’s Barbershop in the heart of the city. I have become of the cat whisperer of my boyfriend’s family’s household, where we are temporarily sleeping and eating and using electricity, and am currently going through quite the identity crisis. Hopefully this blog will give my sisters a bit of insight to my brand new, crazy life up North, and motivate me to get outside and do something interesting with the precious moments of life where I’m not buried up to my eyebrows in store logistics or cheese and crackers.

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About Lacey


Hello good people. I’m a twenty year old, third year, university student with a passion for adventure. I’m the youngest of the three of us and I want to explore the places I live and use this blog as a way to share the memories I make. I’m currently studying abroad in England and hope to travel around as much as possible. I’m double majoring in English and Marketing and am trying to figure out just what I’d like to do with the rest of my life.

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