Information On: Alki Apartment


Sorry I’ve been MIA (again). Last week was full of packing and now that we’re moved in, we don’t have WIFI until Monday. So I’m working with what I’ve got!

The apartment is wonderful. It’s small, but that’s how city living goes, and the view absolutely makes up for it. They refinished our bathroom for us, so it looks brand new. Our neighbors are friendly (well, all of them but the lady who lives downstairs and screamed profanities at us when we dropped some shelves on the floor. It happens, okay?!)


The move in process has been a little rough. While they were refinishing our tub, our drain broke and we had to postpone our move-in to Tuesday, so we’ve only been there for three nights. Seeing as we moved in on a weeknight and we both work all day, our place is still a bit of a mess. We got Wednesday off to do all the big stuff, but ended up spending the day figuring out my bus route, being stuck in West Seattle in the freezing cold (which was actually kind of fun – I’ll explain in a minute), then grocery shopping. By the time all that was finished, Lee had to head to his other job and I was alone to do what I wanted to the place for the rest of the day. I set up the kitchen, which took forever because Lee brought so many gadgets for the kitchen that DO NOT FIT ANYWHERE, set up the bathroom, got most of the living room organized, hung some art, set up the kitchen table area, and watched a movie on our tiny temporary TV.


While Lee and I were stuck sort of in the middle of nowhere in West Seattle, we finally (25 minutes and a box of grape Swishers purchase from a mini mart later) caught a bus that took us on a round-about route to our apartment. It was a tiny bus with super cushy seats. A little girl with a polka-dot scarf and white sunglasses got on with her mom and chatted with the bus driver like he was her best friend. The bus wound up and down neighborhood streets, then into the heart of our new city. We saw where everything was, all the people rushing to buy their lunches on their lunch breaks, where the nearest pizza joints were, where to get Christmas gifts and drinks and groceries, and the mountains and the ocean from way up high. After weaving through West Seattle, the bus finally took us past a Safeway and turned onto the street that leads down to the water, the road I would be taking to get to and from civilization outside of our little beach town. I love that road. It’s residential but not. It’s quiet and leads you from the serenity of living by the water to the practicality and excitement of a small, patriotic city. I am so excited to be where we are.


Our apartment is a little cold. We’re afraid to turn on the heat for more than an hour because we’ve never had to pay an electric bill before, and being by the water cools things down very fast.


The best thing about living on Alki is the road that takes you there from the West Seattle Bridge. You take an exit and turn right, pass a little bicycle shop next to an art supplies store, a few small apartment complexes, a gas station, then out your passenger window is the entire city of Seattle across a calm body of water, and at night it’s all lit up with container ships anchored in the middle. You can see the Ferris wheel and it’s all lit up too. It’s incredible. It’s also one of the sights I saw on my first date with Lee in the city, almost exactly a year ago. In fact, we met a year ago yesterday. Our one year is on the 30th.


I have plans for the apartment. An area we want to turn into a tiny studio (basically a desk with room on the walls to make art, a sort of inspirational spot for Lee to write). Macrame hangings, because that’s something I really want to get into, but I need internet first so I can look up tutorials. We want to find room (somewhere…) in the apartment for a vintage piece of furniture dedicated to our music-related stuff: speakers, a record player, records, an amp, my SONOS speaker, etc. We need room for a Christmas tree. I’ll need to do some shopping for those decorations – or Joselyn could just give me some from her large and growing quantity of homemade things? We’re already hosting a dinner for Lee’s friend and his girlfriend (maybe I’ll finally make a friend up here?) His sister Jess is staying with us the night before Thanksgiving. My friends Lauren and Megan are coming up on the sixth for a Secret Santa gift exchange. There’s already lots of excitement happening at our little sanctuary. I’m excited to make it a real home. And to set up our dresser so our room is less of a laundry basket and more of a living space.

I’ll try to wrap things up. I’m in a good place now. Living with Lee’s parents was incredibly rough and seriously tried our relationship, but we’re already finding ourselves again. West Seattle seems a great place to “start over.” Oh, and I hope you liked the pictures of our apartment during move in. Here are some more current images of the living room and dining area, although obviously not entirely finished yet.